The Body Can Heal Itself

For years, my children and I have played a game whenever we see a FedEx truck. Imbedded in the letters of the logo there is an arrow. To see it, you have to look at the letters in a different way—soften your gaze and see past the letters to find the arrow resting inside. My […]

Relax, Recharge and Reconnect—Every Day

A first step in a fresh approach to bring a sense of calm into your every day is transforming reality and your relationship to it. Just as I need to delete my cell phone’s voicemails and my computer’s emails, my brain needs to download some space. Disconnecting myself through meditation and breathing, spending this time […]

Relax and Take Good Care

As mothers, when we choose to dedicate our time and intention to taking care of our selves, the benefits emanate out to everyone we are near. If you are thinking, I don’t know if I can do that, or, putting myself first sounds selfish, let me offer you an example most of us are familiar […]

Recycle: Make it an Everyday Habit

On a summer trip to Canada, I was stopped in my tracks with the realization of how far my family falls short with our recycling efforts. I opened my friend’s kitchen cupboard to look for the trashcan. Instead of the doublewide I have at my home, her trashcan is the size of a small pail, […]

Nature’s Symphony—Do You Hear the Music?

Recently, one of the world’s finest violinists played at a Washington, DC Metro station. For nearly an hour during rush hour he played Bach, gloriously. Thousands of people passed by as he played, and hardly a soul paid any attention, save a few children who were pushed to move on. Two days prior, this same […]

Health Care Crisis: Take Charge and Create Wellness

In 2003, my family returned to the United States after living abroad for fifteen years. After only a few days in the humid, allergen-laden Houston air, my son Sam had an asthma attack. Luckily, a precautionary “emergency” inhaler quickly dilated the bronchi in his lungs and he recovered. Based on my experience when he was […]

Allergies 101

Taking a deep breath in, and out, not only relaxes me, it allows me to be mindful of the air I breathe–the interdependence, the relationship I hold with my environment. As a nurse and mother of an allergic child, teaching my son to be respectfully aware of his environment and his relationship to it, as […]

A Mother’s Intuition

It was my first job out of college, and it was overwhelming. I was twenty-two years old, green, fresh out of school, and scared. The hospital’s Neonatal ICU was a place of great intensity. I can still remember the yelling of orders. “Start an IV ASAP and get that drip going now!” And I’d scramble […]