Mercury Questions

Two questions came up in chat about news urging us to reduce children’s exposure to mercury. Is there mercury in fish oil capsules? And should we delay or forgo vaccines in children because of the mercury in the vaccines?

A War For Children’s Health

In 1988, polio still ravaged about 350,000 new people each year, causing damage that will last for the rest of their lives. The World Health Organization, UNICEF, the CDC, and Rotary International saw that polio could be entirely eradicated from the world. Their aim is to have it gone by 2005. So far, they have […]

Five Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant

So you’re ready to be a parent. Congratulations! That’s a big decision. To give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and baby, there are a few things to do before you get pregnant. 1. Go see your doctor before you conceive. This preconception visit with your OB, family physician, internist or other care […]

Conscious Preconception

The “trimester” before pregnancy is an important window of opportunity for a baby’s health, whether this is a first pregnancy or a later one. And during pregnancy, the weeks between when conception happens and when a woman knows she is pregnant are especially important – where good nutrition or unhealthy exposures can have their biggest […]