Green Smoothies: A Pregnancy Must-Have to give Baby a Healthy Start

Growing a baby is hard work, I can attest to that.  Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility.  As a first time expectant mom, I sometimes find myself struggling to ensure that I am eating a healthy, balanced diet full of the key […]

The Sneaky Smoothie

Do you need to find a way to get your kids to “eat” their vegetables?  Maybe when you serve your child spinach he or she looks up at you with adorning eyes and says, “Oh thank you Mom.  May I have seconds?”  Not your kid?  Not mine either. So, I’d like to introduce you to […]

Green Slime Smoothie

[yields] The name might gross you and I out but trust me, kids love drinking “slime”.

Basic Green Smoothie

Like the “little black dress” this basic green smoothie can be dressed up by adding a few “accessories”. Not in the mood for pineapple? No problem, use blueberries, or apple, or peach, or mango or … you get the idea. No chard in the fridge? No worries. Use spinach, or kale, or romaine or … […]

Green-Apple-Glory Green Smoothie

[yields] Avocados in smoothies add a creamy richness that’s filled with healthy-fats. Hint: leave the avocado pit in the half you don’t use for this recipe to keep the avocado green longer.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Busy Moms

Busy moms need to start their days on the right foot, loaded up with all the right types of foods!  Here are a few grab-and-go ideas to get you running with a full tank!

Family Nutrition Health Center

As parents, we’re all familiar with the struggles of getting our children to eat green veggies instead of purple, pink, and blue sugary cereals. We may also be familiar with the worry over making sure a teen eats at all. For information on proper nutrition for kids of all ages, strategies for getting kids to […]

Getting Kids to Eat More Heart Healthy Foods

The last time I went through the lunch line at school on a parent visit, the vegetable-du-jour was French fries. The broccoli salad — which wasn’t bad — was left untouched by all but me at the end of the “harvest bar.” Unless we are packing our kids’ lunches, it’s a pretty safe bet that […]

Picky Eating at Breakfast

The following is #2 in a 5 part series on helping children become more adventurous eaters. Ah, breakfast! The most important meal of the day, right? If you are parenting a picky eater, it can also be the most stressful way to start the day.   Here are 5 strategies to begin the journey to […]

Can’t Get Kids to Eat Their Greens? Drink Them Instead!

Frustrated that your kids won’t eat their greens? Ever try drinking them? Green Smoothies are all the rage for a reason and this drink treat may just be the answer to your prayers. This Green Monster Smoothie recipe, also featured in my book, is my fool proof solution. Get your kids making these healthy and delicious drinks with you […]

10 Tips to Help with Picky Eaters

Got picky kids when it comes to food, at least nutritious food? Do your kids try to crawl under the table when they see broccoli on the table?  Do they try to slip the dog their squash only to find the dog won’t eat it either? You’re not alone. It seems to be a fairly common phenomenon among […]

Fruit juice, Berry juice, Yogurt, & Urinary Tract Infections

How does what you eat affect your odds of getting a urinary tract infection? Researchers in Finland reasoned that because most UTIs are caused by bacteria from the intestines, diet might have a large direct impact on these infections. Many people have heard about the cranberry juice connection. What about other juices? Other foods?

My Green Mama Confessions

I live in organic kale smoothie, non-BPA, gluten-free, cloth diaperin’, homebirthin’, breastfeed them till they go to college, crunchity green land. That is, we live in the mountains outside of Boulder, which is like Boulder, but one step closer to your friends living in an Ashram and serving up their placenta for Thanksgiving dinner. And […]

Easy Ways to Increase Healthy Omega-3s in Your Child’s Diet

When MsGreene was pregnant with my youngest in 1995, she craved tuna sandwiches. She could tell you where there was a good one within a mile of just about anywhere we normally visited. Her body was trying to increase healthy Omega-3s. Later studies were release showing tuna, and many other ocean fish, may contain mercury and […]

Tips for Helping Underweight Kids (and Their Parents)

Parents of underweight kids who really don’t eat enough deserve better help than they often get. Still, most of the time when people say to me that their child is skinny and a very picky eater, the child does not need to eat more. When kids do need to catch up on weight growth, slower […]

Rise and Shine: 3 easy ways to harness the power of protein for kids at breakfast

  We’ve all heard the refrain that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the real key – especially for busy families– is what’s on the menu. Protein in particular is essential for muscle contraction and movement and the production of hormones like insulin, which regulates blood sugar. It is also involved […]

All About Yogurt: An unexpectedly wonderful first food for baby

In my client practice, where I work with parents to help them fit healthy cooking and family eating into their busy lives, I get tons of questions about which foods are the best to start solids. Hands down, moms are most surprised by my suggestion to consider yogurt. Unlike drinking cow’s milk, which should wait […]

Healthy Snacking

My 4-year-old daughter does not like to eat fruits and vegetables. I was wondering if there is a way I can get her to eat them without her hating me in the process. I give her a vitamin every day but I am still concerned that she is not getting the nutrients she needs.

Baby Food List without Baby Food

Here is a list of foods in order of introduction for my second son.  This is not an all-inclusive list.  There are only so many foods you can introduce during this short time span.  Make the most of it!