9 Ways to Buy and Eat Organic On a Ramen Noodle Budget

There have been plenty of debates over the years as to whether eating organic is “really” better for you. In my own personal research and experience, the least amount of human interference the better it is – but lets face it, we are not all going out back and picking money off of trees. We […]

Giving Kids a Place at the Table

How much does your family spend on groceries? Could you live on $3 a person each day? For many Americans, that’s what you might spend on a coffee. But, for the nearly 50 million Americans on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, $3 a day is all they have for food. Yes, in the wealthiest country […]

The Last Supper

During winter 2010, my friend Debbie, an acupuncturist, kept bugging me about going to some macrobiotic dinner at her house. All I could think was “macro what”? The only thing I knew about macrobiotics was that a lot of celebrities who seemed uberhealthy were believers. And yes, being healthy was a big interest of mine. […]

Tree Tomatoes

We just spent our first night in Ecuador,  where they say you find “La vida estada pura,” or “Life at its purest.” We were welcomed with a glass of fresh tree tomato juice. Tree tomatos are a local fruit with a thin rind of mottled green-red. When you slice one in half with a knife, […]

Rise and Shine for Breakfast Time

We all know they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Then why are approximately 8-12 percent of school age children skipping breakfast? By the time kids hit their teens, as many as 20-30 percent are skipping breakfast. Why exactly is it so important that kids (and adults as well) […]

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive, the truth is it can actually save you money! There are lots of ways to enjoy the benefits of healthy foods and still stick to a budget. Here are some ideas to keep your costs down while making healthy food choices:

Spring Health Clean: Part 2

What is an emunctory? An emunctory is an organ or duct that removes or carries waste from the body. Emunctories allow the body to cleanse out the unwanted wastes (carbon dioxide, toxins, cholesterol)  in our bodies through the skin, urinary, digestive, and respiratory systems. Sometime our bodies get a little overwhelmed and need some help […]

Strategies for Countering Texture Issues

Texture was an unexpected learning for me. When I look back on the whole of Battle Orange, the number of recipes and the lengths I went to, I have to shake my head and sigh. One recipe solved the whole thing. One.

Do You Know What’s In Your Child’s Juice Box?

When I was a kid, you didn’t see many juice boxes. That product category was still in its infancy – a novelty at best. Now, they’re everywhere and there are tons of different kinds. Do you know what’s in yours?

Healthy School Birthday Treats

Recently, after a prolonged period of “promote the sugar high” my child’s school laid down some rules. Up to that point, to my frustration parents and teachers seem to, on a daily basis, ply the children with candy, cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows and other sweets.

5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil with Your Kids

Coconut oil is a wonder food that has so many amazing uses. I’m constantly discovering a new way to use it. We use it for cooking, skincare, first aid and more. The reason we incorporate coconut oil into so many aspects of our lives is because it has an abundance of health properties. It is […]

How Toddlers Can Benefit from Supplements

  The toddler years are a time of huge transition – and one of the biggest changes is in how they receive the majority of their nourishment. Not so long ago, their diet consisted of milk or formula, but now they are (hopefully!) enjoying a balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate […]

Embrace the Puree!

In the scheme of things, making homemade baby food is simple business (and totally worth it!). Roast or steam, puree and freeze. No big deal, right? Well, as any busy parent knows, even the simplest tasks become arduous when you’re under slept and have few precious personal moments. Sometimes even just three easy steps feels […]

Omega 3s & the New Kitchen Vocabulary

I love reading about “superfoods” and nutrition – mostly I get reminders to eat more things I already like (did you know watermelon has sky-high levels of lycopene?). Recently, learning about the importance of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 for joint mobility, heart health and cancer prevention, I was even convinced to take fish […]

My Daughter Grows and SPOON Develops

Redirected at the author’s request. No pointing to http://www.drgreene.com/perspectives/so-youre-thinking-about-adopting/ With SPOON Foundation established, Cindy and I began to explore our options for helping to improve the nutrition of institutionalized children.  Our original idea was to ship multivitamins to Baby Houses in Kazakhstan, but we quickly realized this idea had several problems; most importantly it was not […]

From Bakeware to Blenders — Getting the Plastic Out of the Kitchen

As I wrote yesterday, it’s impossible for us to know which plastics are absolutely safe to eat or drink from because plastics manufacturers do not disclose the chemicals added to their plastic products. So instead of taking a chance, I avoid plastic in the kitchen. I’ve replaced nearly all of my kitchen plastic with plastic-free […]

How to Get Your Kids Eating 5 A Day!

Why should your kids be eating a rainbow every day? Each color group provides a unique set of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. When kids eat from the 5 color groups it becomes an easy and fun way to ensure that they are benefitting from this wide spectrum of nutrients. By breaking produce down into groups […]

5 Fermented Foods Kids Love

Properly fermented foods are an excellent source of probiotics, something most of us need more of in our diet. Fermented foods have been used for ages, and it’s time to reintr oduce this age-old practiceinto every kitchen. Everyone can get started with fermented foods. Many ferments like sauerkraut and pickles can be made with nothing […]

Fun Foods to Grow in the Garden

As a pediatrician who is committed to preventing disease, I’ve become more invested in making sure my patients benefit from a protective diet of whole foods. Gardening is one of tne more useful tools I have used to promote healthy eating. As I discussed in earlier posts, kids who garden are more likely to prefer […]