Go Wide

Having a varied list of things in which you were involved will allow you at a later date to use this activity bank you’ve created to determine and explain a situation in which you were a leader, you problem solved, you interacted with diverse people, you were humbled, you struggled with a moral issues, and […]

Picky Eating in the School Cafeteria

Most parents tell me that their elementary school child has 20 to 25 minutes to enter the school cafeteria,  search for his lunchbox buried in a portable tub, find a place to sit, open all the containers, eat (oh, right, eat), then clean and pack up before the bell rings.  In an effort to ensure […]

Stunning New Techniques to Increase Calorie Intake for Picky Eaters

I have a son, now just turned 9 years old who is in need of some help to increase calorie intake. He weighs 47 lbs. now, but has only gained 4 lbs. in 4 years. Since birth he has had eating issues and has never been over the 5th percentile and most of the time is 15-20% below the growth chart for weight-age-height.

First off, he is allergic to many foods limiting his choices and secondly, he has never been able to eat more than a few bites of food at a time and honestly does not care whether he eats or not – he could go all day and not ask for anything. My problem is mainly that doctors and nutritionists are not getting us past the “just try to get him to eat more” or “try to add calories to his meals” phase.

We changed pediatricians due to a move and the new doctor was not curious enough about my queries to look into possibly prescribing something to stimulate his appetite. The doctor says “he’s just skinny.” My son has always complained about his stomach hurting when he eats. He also has developmental delays in school, and has more recently complained of tiredness, legs hurting, etc. so I am getting more concerned. I have 4 other children who have all been normal growth curves and getting them to eat is literally a piece of cake, but this one does not have the normal hunger urges… hope that makes sense. Any advice? Heather

Air Drying Week 3

Week Three: Back In the City Life is busy and I hadn’t managed to buy a new rack before it was time to do my weekly two loads. We didn’t have much laundry so I vowed to dry as much of it as possible in the apartment.

Musings from the Newborn Nursery: Prepare Your Child Early For A New Baby

When rounding on newborn babies in the hospital I make it a point to ask if there is an older sibling.  How old is the new big sister and/or brother? Who is taking care of them now?  How has your family helped to prepare the child for the new baby? It is normal for children to experience a […]

5 Tips For Preparing Your Child For the New Baby

Having a baby is both an exciting and often stressful time for a family. For mom and dad, there are preparations to be made, both emotionally and around the home, and for other children in the house, it can be the cause of much anxiety.  Children, particularly younger ones, don’t completely understand what to expect […]

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals In Our Children

There are many chemicals in our everyday environment now that either behave like hormones or drastically disrupt hormonal behavior in our bodies.  Plasticizers are chemicals added to plastic in order to make it less brittle, and many of them act like estrogen or affect other hormonal pathways once in our bodies.

Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy Means Going Minimal and Natural

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’.  As a society, we cherish the belief that babies have the most perfect skin.  In fact, as we age, it becomes the ideal touted by anti-aging products and the media.  It is certainly a romantic notion, but infant skin is not completely resilient and fully […]

School Age Health Center

Now that they’re in school full-time, you’ve got a little more time to yourself but lots still to think (and worry) about, especially in terms of their health and safety. Dr. Greene’s School Age Center can provide you with information on some of the new things you may meet. Need to know the best way […]

Diet and Skin

Baby soft, smooth skin in young children could be partly the result of what their mothers ate during pregnancy and nursing, according to a study reported in the May 31, 2003 issue of The Lancet. Beneficial bacteria, such as those found in active culture yogurt, acidophilus milk, or probiotic supplements appear to be a gentle […]

Battery Safety

Dr. Greene, we need medical assistance — hurry! The situation is as follows: – A little girl, 11 months, arrived to the Children’s Hospital. She had eaten a battery of a remote control (TV) that was picked up after 12 hours in the esophagus. There was an intoxication with mercury and acid. The situation now is perforations in windpipe and esophagus, with septicemia. She is in the intensive therapy, seriously but stable. We need information about:

  • similar cases in the world
  • possible antidotes
  • products the battery contains and their effects when they’re eaten.

Also we need a pediatrician’s assistance, specialized in intensive therapy or similar specialties. Every information will be useful.
Dr.Notti Martin Echeverria – Mendoza, Argentina

Boredom is Banned: Part Two, Seek Water

When your child declares that he is bored this summer, do what I did, and alert the residents of your home that “bored” (or any derivative thereof) is no longer a part of the English language.  Not only is the word banned in our home, but the feeling is not allowed, either.  What is allowed, […]

Fast and Natural Ways to Kill Weeds

It’s summer time and the weeds are growing like, um, weeds. Instead of reaching for a toxic chemical that could be harmful to your family or pets, try one of these easy natural ways to kill weeds quick.

Labial Adhesions: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

Introduction to labial adhesions: It’s not a subject frequently talked about in parenting circles. Rest assured though, labial adhesions are common, rarely uncomfortable, easily treatable, and will usually resolve even without treatment. Even though the condition looks worrisome, it need not be a cause for concern. A few simple tips will help you navigate this […]

Is MiraLAX Safe for Children?

In the small print on the side of a bottle of MiraLAX, you’ll learn that it’s recommended by the manufacturer only for people 17 years of age and older and that it should be used for no more than 7 days at a time. But MiraLAX is given to many young children daily for months […]

The Apple of Your Family’s Eye: Family Ties

  Family support is always beneficial. Here are some tips on how to prepare the family of a child on the Autism Spectrum for the new school year: Communicate Expectations Hold a family meeting at least a week before school starts and discuss roles, expectations, and important time changes (e.g., wake-up time on a school […]

Fake Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? The smooth and creamy texture of hot potatoes mixed with salt and some butter. Unfortunately, this sidedish requires some preparation, and many people have resorted to industrial solutions.