Labial Adhesions: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

Introduction to labial adhesions: It’s not a subject frequently talked about in parenting circles. Rest assured though, labial adhesions are common, rarely uncomfortable, easily treatable, and will usually resolve even without treatment. Even though the condition looks worrisome, it need not be a cause for concern. A few simple tips will help you navigate this […]

Full Fat Yogurt for Infants and Toddlers

The AAP’s Caring for Your Baby and Young Child suggests yogurt as a healthy food for babies and toddlers as early as 8 months old. Most young babies begin life nutritionally sound with breast milk or an approved formula. Most make a smooth transition to healthy first cereals, fruits, and veggies. But during the transition […]

Pulmonary Testing

What is the earliest pulmonary testing can be done on a child to diagnose asthma? If an infant (15 months months old) recently introduced to daycare started a cold and congestion/fever, could giving full strength Tussin DM (for 12 years and up)cause any harm? and could it perpetuate the cold? If so, could the congestion, among other symptoms, mask as childhood asthma?